Monday, January 03, 2005

White Lines Dont Do It and funny message board posting

White Lines-Don't Do It!

I was listening to the song "White Lines", and what I noticed at the beginning of the song is that a voice whispers 3 words and then you just hear sniffing. It's between Melle Mel saying "Fun Baby" and the bass line. The voice whispers "Pun (not Big Pun), Benjamin (reference to Benjamin Arellano Felix? I doubt it, but that was an interesting connection to make), and Triste(I think that is Spanish for sad or tragic). All the years I have heard the song, and I never noticed that. 80's street slang for cocaine? I don't know. Strange.

After listening to the song "White Lines", I somehow found myself looking for real life drug confessions. The funniest post I read was on The EHealth Forum:

My son has used crack cocaine lately. How long does that stay in your system? He has to do a drug test for work.

LOL....I just can't comprehend this. I won't even question how dumb this sounds. Needless to say, nobody has responded. Anybody out there know the answer?

There's also the UK Site Crack Cocaine in Camden, the somber Sober Recovery, and Cocaine Help.I also found this really nasty site which I don't want to link to, it stinks so bad. It has people being filmed smoking crack and doing XXX rated stuff. Anybody who would put something like that together is one sick bastard. Don't even search for it, its not worth it.

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