Monday, January 17, 2005

MLK and 2Pac: Pimped and made proper

Has MLK day become a day when the powers that be that killed him can show some kind of superficial respect for him?

2Pac and MLK were worlds apart, of course. I would never put 2Pac on MLK's level. But as I watched Bush's speech today, I just see similarities between how people will take on MLK's legacy like they take on 2Pac's legacy even though if they were alive, these "friends" would be condemned by the people who idolize them.

I don't care what these stuffy black conservatives say, MLK and Bush would never be down. However, I watched as Bush stood up on the podium, acting like a jackass, saying, "I'm not done, I've only just begun!", and then Bush goes into his whole freedom and democracy routine, and it makes me sick. All these people rally around him, clapping on command. It's like, you got people with their twisted agendas saying what a great man MLK was. Please. Most of these old fart conservatives would have dismissed MLK as a "communist" and "socialist" and especially today if he spoke out against Bush he would be labeled "unpatriotic". Most of these scary negros today would be telling King to be quiet because he is making it bad for those who want to just be good slaves. He'd be as much as a threat today and he wouldn't have nothing to do with the Messy Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, the Armstrong Williams, or the other silly conservative and liberal negros whose only role is to do their respective masters bidding.

By the same token, you got all these cats who think that Tupac would've been down with him claiming his voice and his legacy. It really makes me sick. All the Tupac poseurs who have polluted hip hop, the weak azz sound alikes, the "bling-bling" set, the biters, the No Limit no talents, the Gay-Unit cartoon gangstas, then you got this G.A.M.E clown, and everybody acting like he is 2Pac reincarnated. More like G.A.M.E over. I'm sick of all this crap rap! Eminem twists and manipulates 2Pac's voice knowing damn well that if 2Pac was alive he wouldn't want nothing to do with this clown. He'd be too busy kicking his ass up and down the street!

I'm sure that MLK and 2Pac are rolling in their graves so much they are dizzy.

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