Thursday, January 06, 2005

Mo' shyt

Asian-American rapper is a hip-hop pioneer
Actually, I don't know if you can call him a "pioneer". He's pretty much getting his feet wet,and he's got a lot more to do to prove himself. Being on 106th and Park and 1 album is hardly the making of a "pioneer". Afrika Bambatta is a "pioneer". This cat is still learning.

LOL....bimbo Britney's husband is going to be a rap star. Yeah, right. The only thing he can do is block my view of Britney's halfway decent body.

Could hip hop take a "Latin direction"? Uh, I think they missed the boat. All throughout hip hop history Latinos have contributed much to it. Fat Joe, the Beatnuts, Nore, Cypress Hill, Lighter Shade of Brown, Kid Frost, N2Deep, and the list goes on. Now that Nore and Pitbull have Latin flavored songs, its all of a sudden a trend. I don't agree. It's been part of the scene for years.

Nas: The Mature Voice of Hip Hop
I have mad respect for Nas, but Im still stuck on Illmatic. I have listened to most of his albums; as you all know, some of his stuff has left quite a bit to be desired. And that video with his dad, I just ain't feeling it. I should be, but Im not.

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