Friday, January 28, 2005

News from the 'hood

I'm so tired. Been working like two jobs, and I'm about to go to bed. But, how about a couple of stories from the seedier side? Why do I put up urban stories? Because, this is where hip hop is from, and this is what most of these rappers rap about! I'm just doing the same thing the rappers are doing in bringing this stuff up! I wish more of these hip hop fashion rags would actually write about some of the stuff I highlight!

Crack Kills: A man on the streets experiences the death of his life in a pipe, on a bike, in a lot
Quote:"Out here hustlers, dope fiends, and whores in the game know me as Santa Claus," he says. "That's because I give out presents. Sometimes they're good. Sometimes they're not so good."

Something positive:Grants Help To Offer Jobs, Not Gangs Check out the City Of Long Beach Work Development

Why you shouldn't mess with hookers: A prostitute was busted yesterday for stabbing a Queens accountant to death - plunging her Japanese-style knife so deep into the man's chest it came out his back, law enforcement sources said.

Less hookers to mess with?: $30M prostitution ring busted

Brutal stuff in Scotland:Capital man gunned down in drugs war Quote:Detective Chief Inspector Tommy Tague, who is heading the investigation, said: "People in these areas are scared and we can understand why," he said. They have to come forward because these gangs are threatening the security of their whole community."

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