Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq, welcome to the Terrordome

First I'd like to give credit to Richmond Indymedia for breaking this disgusting story: Costumes from a 2004 Halloween party at Virginia Military Institute depicting cadets as Nazis, in blackface, and as “fairies” appeared at Richmond Indymedia on January 25 and sparked a debate over the meaning behind the costumes and disciplinary action against the cadets. Read this at Richmond Indymedia.

Check out this brief guide to Iraq's hollow elections. I can't believe it is being reported that the Iraqis are saying that its not so much who you vote for but the fact that you are voting. Those people have a long way to go to true liberation. Makes me think of Bob Marley's "Repemption Song" where he says, "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery." They have a long road ahead of them, but they won't truly overcome until they are liberated within.

When I think of Iraq now, the Shiites and their clerics, the Sunni suicide bombers (GW calls them "suiciders", which isn't a word), and the Kurds with their whole idea of breaking off into their own nation (which is to neighboring country Turkey what the seperate Palestinian state is to Israel) all topped off with young, freaked out US soldiers with itchy trigger fingers and plenty of leeway, I think of Public Enemy's classic "Welcome to the Terrordome" This addressed the confrontational nature of race relations in the early 90's. However, what Chuck was talking about is nothing compared to what's going to go down in Iraq. Peaceful democracy? Maybe, or maybe not. I just think that it will make what's happening here in the USA between the two parties look like Romper Room.

By way of the AwesomeBods Blog, I found this nice site No Equal Online.It's got a comic book superhero that hasn't been updated yet, but when they finish it, this will be hot!

Lying Media Bastards is a great site that is connected to a radio show. Mixes hip hop and political talk.

Metro TV Media could be a great site, but it pisses me off how they will have some nice clips of models, but then they will take them down and all you see is this guy acting like he's about to become the ruler of the modeling world. I suggest he takes down those clips of him "plotting" his takeover of hip hop modeling and show more women. I wanna see the women, fool, I don't want to see clips of you! I love the site, its local, DC representin', but damn. More women, please!

Check out NewJax for what is going on in the club scene in Florida.

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