Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year-Is it All Good in the Hood?

I guess D.C. isn't "Dodge City" anymore:Killings In D.C. Fewest Since '86

I'm not sure if they fudged the numbers to reflect a more "positive" reality, after all, in this city, they have been building it up, making property values sky high, building up condos and making it impossible for people making less than $100,000/yr to buy a house. Those unwilling to pay $400,000 to buy a house here, you better look somewhere else!

Interesting Quote:There were 198 killings in the District in 2004, down from 248 the previous year. Prince George's County had 148 homicides, up from 128 in 2003. Overall, 426 homicides occurred in the Washington area last year, down by 10.8 percent from 2003, when there were 478 killings.

Across the country, homicide rates have fallen substantially since the late 1980s, when crack cocaine's emergence sparked bloody street feuds. Outside experts and civic leaders said police are only one factor in deterring crime. The homicide decrease also appears to be driven by a stronger economy, the waning of the crack wars and the growing number of young men in prison, they said.

I don't know if "the growing number of young men in prison" can ever be seen in a positive light; it's like, that to me is disturbing if that is seen as a sign of progress. I know they don't say it, but to me, this is a subtle message that shows what is thought of young, poor black and Latino men. Lock 'em up, throw away the key, and that's part of "progress". Unbelievable. Anyways......

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