Sunday, January 23, 2005

Links I just surfed into

5 new sites I have been digging:

Freedom Rider:I love this site! This woman contributes to the angry black site Black Commentator, and she is every bit as angry and cynical as I am! Like when she writes this last week:

At his coronation today the Mad King went on and on about liberty and how the United States would bring it to the rest of the world. This week an embedded journalist showed the world that Iraqis now have the freedom to be shot to death if they drive down the wrong street.

The young girl in the photo saw her parents gunned down by itchy fingered U.S. troops. You know, the ones we are supposed to support without question. This child is just one of thousands who would probably disagree if you told them they were better off without Saddam.

I love it!

Illuminati News: I'm like really into what people consider "crazy", sites like this, all about the Illuminati and stuff. I'm not that extreme, but I feel that Bush's agenda is a continuation of that pursuit of the New World Order, and this site reflects that belief to the fullest. I love me some Hooters restaurant. The one here in DC has a hot bartendar who looks like a mix between T-Boz and Vanessa Williams. Just picture that in the Hooters outfit. Damn.

Libertocracy: With all the feelings people have about how great Democracy is, it is hard to find alternative points of view because nobody wants to be called a terrorist, a tyrant or a communist. This site just blows that whole establishment view right out the water. Excellent.

Steady B

This site
This site is in a foreign language, and its old as dirt, but it has a nice gallery of old school hip hop artists.

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