Monday, January 24, 2005

Politics: Condi Rice, Bush's mission

I find it funny that Zimbabwee's Herald dissed Condi Rice.

Zimbabwe's state-run Herald daily Saturday branded US secretary of state nominee Condoleezza Rice anti-black and an apologist for "white sins" for calling Harare an "outpost of tyranny".

I used to have a thing for Condi; but now she to me tries to hard to be Bush's trick. She's much better than that, but she knows her place. What a waste of talent.

I find this whole "outpost of tyranny" thing so funny now. Is this the new policy of the Bush Administration? I imagine that this might be ammo for the next big war that will become prime time TV entertainment. No more of those ever evasive "WMD's" or "imminent" threats or whatever reasoning, just give 'em a noble cause and hope that it sticks! This intellectual on C-SPAN today told us that the Bush doctrine is about helping people. It's not the New World Order or the Project for the New American Century; there is a genuine concern for all the people of the world. Could it be that simple?

Even if it is that simple, it costs all that money we pay in federal taxes, especially if you don't benefit from the Bush tax cuts. Looks like this mission of "helping people" will cost us another $80 Bln for Military Operations and seeing that the Republicans are running everything it will go through. "There's no price for safety", they say. I guess that none of the rest of us have to really care about any of this. Or do we?

Meanwhile, the next big controversy is the whole Social Security thing. Personally, I'm not excited about their privitization; why should my money go for somebody else's (ie Wall Street's) benefit? Social Security is not really a big deal anyways; it's not through a social security check that will make me comfortable; it's through saving and investing; that will make a comfortable retirement. I can't see them doing anything more than making it into a glorified 401K plan. Shot, I don't care, one way or another. Im not opening any stupid accounts so I can indirectly do business with Bush's stupid Wall Street buddies. Screw 'em all.

Bob Novak, the old fart from CNN: And what I'm really sick of are the protesters. They just are a lot of punks and it's none of their business and it isn't free speech. It's just nastiness, and I'm sick of it. Check out the rest of his BS on Media Matters.

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